18 September 2011

quick moments at la manche

quefaire01-petitafter wwoofing. after teaching english for a week. you hop in a car.

quefaire03-petitand you aren’t alone.

quefaire06-petitwhen there’s a dog, that means one thing. you are chez somebody. at someobody’s home. in la manche.

quefaire09-petitthe day begins with a four hour road trip. then a little break at home. then a party that rolls until 7AM. then sleeping in with as much sun blocked out.

quefaire10-petitthen back into a car.

quefaire12-petittoward a picnic table under the sun.

quefaire13-petitleftovers = lunch.

quefaire14-petithow can you tell when a lunch is perfect? silence. when the mouth is full, there isn’t a need for words.

quefaire17-petit after all that eating, a walk is necessary.

quefaire19-petitnot just any beach. a normandy beach.

quefaire18-petitthe memories of history. of course.

quefaire35-petitbut also your own memories. of your friends. of all the trips out here.

quefaire20-petitso normandy beaches have double the meaning for you. they might be saturated with history that is important to the entire world, but they are also saturated with history that is important to only one person – you.

quefaire21-petitwith their toes, everybody helps draw a giant rectangle in the sand.

quefaire22-petit the pink inflatable ball is brought out.

quefaire23-petitsome might think it’s a dance. but it isn’t.

quefaire24-petit it’s a game.

quefaire26-petit le jeu du prisonnier – a game every french child knows by heart. you were only about twenty years late. but better later than never, no?

sometimes the poses look cool.

quefaire30-petitand sometimes they are just funny.

quefaire31-petittwo goélands pass by. you can only smile.

quefaire32-petitit’s time to go.

quefaire33-petitback to evreux.

quefaire34-petit some are quicker than others.

quefaire36-petitthe car is packed.

quefaire37-petitthe road trip starts again.

quefaire38-petit a nap.

quefaire40-petita little bathroom break.

quefaire39-petitthen it continues as the sun slowly goes away.

simple moments. boring moments perhaps if you weren’t there. but definitely the best moments.

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