19 September 2011

un camembert frit / a fried camembert

camem01weeks go by since la manche. some goodbye dinners. suddenly it is down to your last few days in evreux.

and your only thought is, how can the normandy skies be so cruel?

camem04it is july, yet you are always cold and huddled under an umbrella.

compassplans for climbing are cancelled. instead the last few days are filled compasses and movies.

camem02aand handmade breadcrumbs.

with an egg yolk. some oil. lots of oil.

and an entire camembert.

the experiment to fry a camembert is what you do when you are rained inside in normandy.

camem04aat the very least, there is a covered balcony to dine outside. because that is what you love most, fresh air.

camem06while the shape was not a success, the taste was perfect. after all – it is pretty hard to destroy the taste of a good cheese regardless of how it physically looks.

dinner discussion revolved around what to do next time to improve it.

and you vow you’ll have perfected the technique for a perfect fried camembert the next time you meet.

camem05awine, of course.

these are how you choose to spend your last days in france.

moments so simple they send most people to sleep.

but they send you to a place where your heart is nothing but happy.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Lovely clicks, as always... Mmmhhh, fried Camembert sounds great! *drool*