17 October 2011

the boys arrive

taiwan108-petitthe londoner has left for cambodia. and is promptly replaced with two french boys.

the adventure continues, but definitely a bit wilder.

taiwan082-petitnothing says breakfast in taiwan like cold sweetened soymilk.

here soymilk is no fad or health craze. it just is what it is. soymilk. that’s it.

taiwan126-petitafter a brief discussion of who wants to do what and where, the itinerary is set.

that is the great part of taiwan: its so small that things can be planned on the fly.

taiwan084-petitone of the first ideas: go north.  to the coast. to see the sea.

taiwan085-petitand all it takes is a simple bus ride to get here.

taiwan086-petitboats. harbor. fish.

again – it’s the same stuff you did in france with them.

only the place has changed.

taiwan087-petitchurches are replaced with temples.

taiwan088-petitthe pacific is much much much more powerful than the english channel.

taiwan089-petitit is also typhoon season.

taiwan092-petithere at yehliu, you ignore the crowds and admire the rock formations.

taiwan094-petitthe sun is heavy.

taiwan095-petit the winds are biting.

taiwan097-petitthe mood stays silly because you are with two boys.


you will randomly poke your friends to verify they exist because you can’t believe not only are you not alone, you’re with your french friends.

taiwan099-petitwhoever could’ve predicted that friendships started in a french foyer would go all the way to taiwan?

taiwan100-petitthen you all decide to go for a dip.

taiwan101-petitthe waves are perfect.

the beach is sandy (rare in taiwan)

more importantly, the water is warm.

elle est bonne, your friends agree.

[she (the sea) is good.]

taiwan102-petitthe red flag is ignored.

boys – even boys who are trained lifeguards – will ignore the rules.

taiwan104-petitbut not so fast. the lifeguard blows his whistle and points away from the ocean.

taiwan105-petitah. apparently, when there is a typhoon warning, not only can you not go swimming you cannot be on the sand as well.

taiwan106-petitcultural lesson learned as the shoes are put back on.

mais on était si proche de nager!” you sigh disappointedly.

[but we were so close to swimming!]

taiwan107-petit nobody stays sad long.

taiwan110-petit  the next day, it’s back in the city and in the metro.

taiwan115-petitto taipei 101.

Back Camerait’s the obligatory tourist stop that everybody must see.

you suppose – the world’s second tallest building – that is worth it.

taiwan119-petitremember. umbrella. you need it.

taiwan121-petitit does rain – heavily – but never for more than a few hours.

taiwan125-petitrain, sun, and photos: the three functions of an umbrella.

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