17 October 2011

alligator encounters

brazos01ah. texas. there is so much to see.

brazos02even if you’ve lived here all your life, you still manage to discover something new every day.

brazos06to hang out with one of your favorites, you drag her to the nearest state park since the city itself of houston doesn’t really interest you anymore.

brazos12maybe we can go swimming? pack your swimsuit just in case,” you tell her since the weather is nothing but nice.

brazos10you arrive at brazos bend state park.

brazos03then you both see the alligator warnings. “uhhh, i think not, cathy, i am not swimming in those waters,” she says.

brazos08you agree that its a good decision.

brazos05as you enjoy the views, a stranger walks by and asks, “hey, do you want to see an alligator?

you turn around.

brazos04and there he (or she) is. you both decide to take the left fork in the path to avoid any potential meeting with sharp teeth.

brazos07then a game of where’s waldo begins. are there alligators here?




take a closer look.

brazos13astill can’t see it?

brazos13b if you miss it now, perhaps you deserve to get eaten.

brazos16happily instead of being alligator lunch, you and your friend decide to eat lunch. picnic table + picnic = perfect.

brazos17after a day of close alligator encounters, you both head back and take a dip in a much safer place – the apartment pool. the next time you come back, the swimsuits will be left at home for sure.

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