17 October 2011

[almost wordless film] taiwan’s east coast, taroko gorge, august 2011

train tickets are bought.

hostels are booked.

scooters are rented.

the recipe journal is packed.

the digital camera is abandoned and replaced with the film camera.

the east coast of taiwan is going to be explored.

you’ve actually never seen it since usually you stay in taipei with the family, but now that you’ve got friends visiting, you’ve got the perfect company (and scooter drivers) to visit a different side of taiwan. just like paris is to france, new york city is to america, taipei is the same to taiwan. it’s a big city that is nothing like the rest of taiwan.

and now it begins!

the first part revolves around taroko gorge.

Scan-110914-0002Scan-110914-0004 Scan-110914-0005 Scan-110914-0006 Scan-110914-0007 Scan-110914-0008  Scan-110914-0010 Scan-110914-0011 Scan-110914-0012 Scan-110914-0013 Scan-110914-0014  Scan-110914-0016 Scan-110914-0017 Scan-110914-0018 Scan-110914-0019 Scan-110914-0020 Scan-110914-0021 Scan-110914-0022 Scan-110914-0023 Scan-110914-0024 Scan-110914-0025 Scan-110914-0026 Scan-110914-0027 Scan-110914-0028 Scan-110914-0029 Scan-110914-0030   Scan-110914-0033

 Scan-110914-0034Scan-110914-0035 Scan-110914-0036 Scan-110914-0037 Scan-110914-0038 Scan-110914-0039 Scan-110914-0040 Scan-110914-0041 Scan-110914-0042 Scan-110914-0043 Scan-110914-0044 Scan-110914-0045 Scan-110914-0046 Scan-110914-0047 Scan-110914-0048 Scan-110914-0049 Scan-110914-0050 Scan-110914-0051 Scan-110914-0052 Scan-110914-0053 Scan-110914-0054 Scan-110914-0055

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