17 October 2011

[almost wordless film] taiwan’s east coast, green island, august 2011

the east coast adventure continues to green island. a place that used to host political prisoners but now hosts tourists and some of the most pristine snorkeling that is on par with the top spots in indonesia and thailand.

after this, the frenchies leave. so you savor every moment you can as you all find the best swimming spots, skip stones, drink iced passionfruit juice, climb grassy hills, eat street food, and follow wherever your feet decide to go.

Scan11091400562 Scan11091400572 Scan11091400582 Scan11091400592 Scan11091400602 Scan11091400612 Scan11091400622 Scan11091400632 Scan11091400642 Scan11091400652 Scan11091400662 Scan11091400672 Scan11091400683 Scan1109140069 Scan11091400703 Scan11091400712 Scan11091400722 Scan11091400732 Scan11091400742 Scan11091400752 Scan11091400762 Scan11091400772 Scan11091400783 Scan11091400792 Scan11091400802 Scan11091400812 Scan11091400823 Scan11091400833 Scan11091400842 Scan11091400852 Scan11091400862 Scan11091400872 Scan11091400883 Scan11091400893 Scan11091400902 Scan11091400912 Scan11091400922 Scan11091400932 Scan11091400942 Scan11091400952 Scan11091400965

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