17 October 2011


tandt01straight off the plane, a short pause at home, then a drive down to your favorite texan city: austin.

you spend the morning hanging out with a truly great toddler.

and an owl you’ve named hibou.

a surprising friendship – just like the one between you and your host – a friendship that has developed by both of you mutually inspiring one another.

a friendship that has developed also because your closest austin buddies actually no longer live in austin.

this is a good thing. to leave such a perfect place – and if anybody comes back, it will be on their own terms and not because they got stuck/comfortable in austin.

right now austin is a ghost town for you. familiar places. familiar memories. familiar everything. but missing faces.

krae01 there’s also wedding.

krae03of one of your favorites, of course.

krae07 a few familiar faces are found here and you do some catching up.

krae08then you wish the happy couple as much sweetness in their marriage as can be found at their potluck style dessert bar.