17 October 2011

catching up to the present

this is the present. in texas. in dallas. at home.

but there is so much to catch up on.

and you are leaving next thursday for mali for two years for the peace corps.

that’s right. more on that later. right now the spotlight is on the past.

things must be written now or in two years. in two years you highly doubt you’ll be motivated. you already have trouble writing about things that happened two months ago.

in any case, everything is edited. written. and everything is posted.

so to get right to where we last left off, the day you left france. a total of sixteen things to read. make a cup of tea and take your time.

1. you arrive in taiwan. so does the londoner

2. the search for the illegal hot springs

3. sending wishes into the sky

4. the londoner leaves and the french boys arrive

5. with the french boys, the taroko gorge in taiwan is explored

6. the adventure continues at green island, one of only three spots in the world where there is a natural saltwater hot spring

7. the french boys have left, and you go chasing after rocks

8. you’ve left taiwan as well, and your first stop after home in texas is houston.

9. beware of alligators

10. the dried fruit rings are alive

11. kitchen reunion in washington, d.c.

12. the french invade new york city

13. the escape to the new york countryside

14. stroll through new york city, farewell to the frenchies, farewell to the new yorker – until mali, that is.

15. a toddler, an owl, and a wedding in austin

16. WWOOFing in the dallas/fort worth metroplex


now you have no more backlog. just another thing scratched off your long to do list.

from this point on, it is the present.


donna said...

Mali???? wow....now that's an adventure!!...my friend's sister and her husband returned last year from Nigeria....before that they were in Bulgaria.... both through the peace corps....their children were in college...so that tells you about how old they are....we ate dinner with them a week after they returned and listened to the stories....fascinating

priscilav said...

Beware of alligators indeed!!!!!!! What kind of exotic animals do they have in Mali?

cathy said...

donna: :) yep an adventure indeed! i can't wait for my stories to start.

priscila: good question - i'll let you know once i get there!