23 October 2011

the dried fruit ring update

the dried fruit rings refuse to remain forgotten in a box in your parents’ home.

they decided to write their own story since you were too busy dancing around france for two years.

design01sfirst they decide to get published. all by themselves. no advertising, no promoting – somehow they caught the eye of people who wanted to put them in a book. design03sthis you excitedly agreed too since it was a call for photos and not the work themselves. easy enough to co-ordinate from abroad.



design04sso while you were busy traveling around europe, they were busy traveling around french bookstores.  they even wandered over to amazon. design culinaire is the name, stéphane bureaux and cécile cau are the authors.

ringreleasebut then you finally meet the book in november 2010 at the book release party in paris. you lived an hour away, how could you say no?

it will be nearly a year later before you get to sit down and really flip through the book since your copy was shipped to texas.

but those rings are never satisfied. they wanted to be on american tv. unfortunately since they had also faded the people who sought them out ended up rejecting them.

but it’s okay. because those rings don’t give up.

eat01-smallthey then decided they wanted to be published in germany. in a calendar.


how could you refuse such a request? EAT design with food is the name, and EIGA Design is the author.

then the rings got clever.

they caught you at a moment in texas where you could not pull the “i am living in france and currently cannot do any metalwork, sorry!” excuse each time someone sent you an email.

because an email came.

an email from the museum of arts and design in new york city.

those rings want to be on display.

rings01back in 2009 you had a feeling. a feeling that one day you’d have to step back into the field of metalwork without the studio that you were spoiled with at ut austin. so in addition to preparing your final projects that last semester at ut, you also used expensive equipment for potential future projects that make your life easier that you knew you wouldn’t have access to in 2011.

rings02MAD museum doesn’t want the wilted and faded rings.

so a few days ago, fresh pears and orangers were sliced and dried.

rings03a fire hazard was set up in your parents’ backyard.

you know your metals professor would lose it if she saw all the unsafe things you did.

rings04you overheated and melted a few things since the torch you are using now is cumbersome. that is the difference between $15 and $300.

rings05but with enough practice, cumbersome will do the job. and that is all that matters.

rings06the rings got what they wanted. they got remade.

rings07their original vibrant colors that they wanted, they got.

even if the exhibition for the MAD museum falls through (because things can happen, such as: the rings fall apart, the museum changes their mind, the show is cancelled, etc, etc) you don’t care because you proved to yourself that you are indeed capable of stepping back into the metals field without depending on the studio at ut austin.

that was your fear since graduation. the fear of not being able to do what you used to do because you no longer have the same tools. but now you know that you in 2011 is just as capable as you in 2009 without access to the things you had before.

rings08just for kicks, you played around with some new forms. but not too long since you really do need to be concentrating on mali.

after mali – the you in 2014 – will once again step back into metals.

let’s see where these rings decide to go, since they’ve obviously decided to choose their own adventures that are separate from yours.


Kelly Rae said...

I'm totally going to buy this book-I might need your help going through the steps to buy it from the French amazon. <3

cathy said...

<3 i found it on american amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Design-culinaire-French-St%C3%83%C2%A9phane-Bureaux/dp/2212125631/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1319391461&sr=8-1

with EUR->USD conversion + shipping, i think it comes out to around the same price.

orrrrr you can always wait until you go back to france :D!

donna said...

you have 2 separate worlds there......maybe someday mali and the rings will meet.......and a whole new project will emerge...life is strange that way....the best to you on your travel to mali

frances said...

Cathy this is incredible news!! The book looks beautiful and I really hope the exhibition comes off.... excuse for this girl to hop across the atlantic I think definitely. How are your preparations coming along aventuriuese? xx