17 October 2011

kitchen chemistry resumed in the mid-atlantic

nyc01 dirty dishes.

nyc02pomegranate salade.

nyc03an indian dish.

nyc04 a strawberry pineapple tart.

nyc05and… the american capitol?

nyc06that’s right. the environment has changed.

nyc07 but cooking together hasn’t.

nyc08even after being separated for more than a year, the chemistry in the kitchen was still strong as usual.

even the weather, it seems, has stayed the same. each time you are together, it is rainy and cold.

nyc09unfortunately, your ex-coworker from france has a regular 9-5 job that keeps her busy.

nyc10coupled with the weather, this keeps you indoors in many of washington d.c.’s free museums.

nyc11you don’t mind.

nyc12because you’re always seeing something new.

nyc13but come five pm, you hurry back to the apartment.

nyc14because its tea time! time to talk. to laugh. to catch up on gossip.

nyc16to admire the sunset.

nyc17to make popovers.

nyc18with jam from the country house.

nyc19time to play with the “medium” sized dog.

nyc20who in fact comes up to everybody’s waist.

nyc21setting off fire alarms.

nyc22eating those popovers.

nyc23then, after a few days of that, the weekend is here. you both slip on your shoes and hop on a five hour bus ride north. to new york city.

you guys have got some french cats to herd.

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