26 October 2011

the last project, the last goodbyes

jessieone last project you had to finish up before dedicating 100% of your time to mali.

it involved sifting through almost all of your photos and giving them a home.

and that is how you found some photos from france in 2009 you didn’t like then, but love now. autumn apples. reds. oranges. yellows.

photo 5colors that you never see in a texas autumn. here, it is still summer with intense greens and blue. you love both and wouldn’t trade one for the other.

photfinally, all these past seasons have a nice online home. http://cathywu.com/photos/ is where they live now, aside from this journal. it’s all the same moments, but just a tad bit more organized and without words.

so that was your last project. finished.

IMG_7615then yesterday and today were dedicated to two things. the first. packing.

and as you pack all the items you need, you can’t help but add things that make you happy. such as empty notebooks. one from france. one from germany. one from taiwan. one from texas. you can’t wait to fill them up.

photo 1the second. running errands and running around DFW saying goodbye.

for the past six months, since april, when you left your apartment and finished your job as an assistant,you became an expert at saying au revoir.

photo 2goodbye. au revoir. goodbye. 再見. goodbye. zàijiàn. au revoir. 再見. goodbye. you’ve said it so many times. in so many languages. to so many people. and each time, you’ve meant it.

Back Cameratoday was your last goodbye to the never-ending texas sunset.

sunsets in texas never end. they go on forever.” is what a friend you said goodbye to once said. and she’s right. there’s something about an endless feeling you get that no other place’s sunsets give you.

Back Camera your theory is that because so much of texas is flat and even in the cities where buildings are spaced apart and low, there isn’t a lot here to hide the sky.

photo 4 so. goodbye texas.

je pars pour le malithe hellos will start tomorrow once you take flight.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A beautiful post! I love those apple pictures.



donna said...

may you fulfill another dream....and enjoy the adventure.......

cathy said...

thank you!