17 October 2011

simple houston moments

fash00your first days back in texas are spent at home being an anti-social butterfly. you like friends, but you needed some down time. (but that time was really spent editing photos)

once you readjusted back to the texan way of life, houston was your destination.

where it was nothing but happy moments. blurry moments.

fash06where it feels as if time has never changed.

fash01late night fashion shoots.

fash02with one of your favorite besties. the other one is in chicago. next time, next time for sure, you tell him.

fash03lunch made from leftovers with another bestie.

fash04who owns the world’s most comfortable couch, bean bag, papasan, and…

fash05bed. the cloud she calls it. once you’re on it, you immediately fall into a land of dreams.

fash08lunch is ready! it’s time to go.

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Kelly Rae said...

I love the picture of Victor :-)