17 October 2011

where rocks stop the crashing waves

taiwan132-petitthe londoner is gone. the frenchies are gone. soon it will be your turn as the date for your flight to texas approaches.

taiwan146-petityou refuse to leave without doing one thing.


taiwan136-petit thanks to couchsurfing, you find a group of people that like rocks.

taiwan138-petiteven better, some of them already know the rocks here at longdong.

taiwan137-petitthe shell of a dead crab.

this can only mean one thing.

taiwan134-petityou are where the mountains meet the sea. again.

taiwan157-petitwhere the waves, coming from who knows where, are stopped as they crash into the rocks here.

taiwan139-petitin taiwan this happens quite often.

taiwan147-petitif there is a mountain, the sea is not far. and if there is the sea, the mountain is not far.

taiwan143-petitas you reflect about all the searching in france you did – the alps, the mediterranean, the normandy cliffs, the atlantic…

taiwan153-petithow could you have forgotten that the best spot for where the two meet was all along in the country of your parents?

taiwan141-petityou take a break from thinking and instead focus on climbing.

taiwan142-petithowever you spend most of your time watching and socializing.

taiwan144-petitbecause you are out of shape. it has been a few months since you climbed, and these rocks start at where your limit ends.

taiwan145-petitbut then you wonder if its because you’re climbing without your favorite climbers.

taiwan152-petitit just isn’t the same, and you miss them so much.

taiwan148-petitno excuses, mental or physical. you are just out of shape. and now you’ve got motivation to get back into it and improve your technique. you can’t just do one, both are necessary.

taiwan150-petitin the beginning its just the five of you.

taiwan156-petitbut by the afternoon its a climbing party.

taiwan154-petita dip for those who become too hot.

taiwan149-petitit seems, that wherever you are in the world, people who like rocks tend to find other people who like rocks. perhaps linked to the fact that climbing is not a solitary sport – a team is always needed, for safety reasons.

taiwan151-petitas a bonus, climbers are generally good people.

very good people.  

they inspire you, always.

taiwan158-petityou say goodbye to taiwan with the best feeling – inspired.

to improve, to push yourself, to change, to continue.

perhaps one day, you’ll come crashing to a stop in front of a mountain as well.

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