17 October 2011

WWOOFing in texas

txfarm09it’s a last minute WWOOFing stint to try and get some gardening experience in.

txfarm01but as you hang out with the 2 year old,

txfarm05the five year old, the eight year old,

txfarm08the father, and the mother, you wonder what are you doing in someone else’s home when your own home is so close?

txfarm06homesickness kicks in at the oddest times.

as well as physical sickness too.

txfarm10so you leave. one week was a bit short, but it was enough.

and you did learn a lot.

resting time is what you need right now. you are back home and home is where you will stay until next thursday.

txfarm11but before you left… you made sure the llama, the donkey, the three dogs, the six hens, the one rooster, the herd of goats, the two cats, and the two pigs were behind you.

then you became a true texan as you fired your first rifle into the empty texas landscape. twice.

shooting a gun on a farm for WWOOFing? only in texas.


priscilav said...

Nu uh... You shot a riffe?!

Anonymous said...

Just go wwoofing in Alberta Canada and shoot a rifle.