03 November 2011

i ni sogoma / toi et le matin / you and the morning

sogoma01i. you. toi.

sogoma02ni. and. et.

sogoma04sogoma. the morning. le matin.

i ni sogoma. good morning. i ni sogoma is how to say good morning in bambara. i ni sogoma est comment on dit bonjour en bambara. you say good morning to people by placing them with the moment of the day. tu dis bonjour aux gens par les mettre avec l’instant du jour.

i ni sogoma. you and the morning. good morning.

i ni sogoma. toi et le matin. bonjour.

i ni tile. you and the sun. good midday.

i ni tile. toi et le soleil. bon midi.

i ni wula. you and the afternoon. good afternoon.

i ni wula. toi et l’apres-midi. bon apres-midi.

i ni su. you and the night. good evening.

i ni su. toi et le nuit. bonsoir.

you’ve only been here a few days, and already you’ve begun discovering the layers of culture through the language. no “good” anything – just putting people with the right moments.

sogoma03the days are crammed. scheduled. intensive. busy. exhausting. sweltering. confusing. organized. exciting. planned. surprising. long. full. lectured.

sogoma05but by waking up early, you manage to squeeze in some time for yourself to still do the things that you like.

a new life does not mean your old life has stopped. they’re only going to merge.

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donna said...

SO glad to "see" you again...in Mali!!!!!!.....what a beautiful post....i hope to learn a great deal about the people and customs through you.....you enrich my vision and broaden it as well....merci