18 December 2011

the wrong question

Back Cameralast week was site announcement for all the trainees.

Back Camera then everybody split up for a week to preview their new home.

Back Cameraa preview where you felt welcomed and wanted. and where you can’t wait to move to.

Back Camerabut also, you had two moments of realization.

something obvious that you saw but never really did see until you came to your new village in mali.

let’s jump back in time to where you were nothing but happy.

in no particular order…

riv19 the seine in normandy.

riv20the rhine in strasbourg.

riv03the saône in lyon.

Back Camerathe garonne in the gironde.

riv05 the thames in london.

riv06the somme in amiens.

Back Camerathe brazos in texas.

riv08the leie in ghent.

riv09the iton in evreux.

riv10the scheldt in antwerp.

riv11the loire in nantes.

Back Camera the liwu in taiwan.

riv13the lez next to montpellier.

riv14the ljubljanica in ljubljana.

Back Camerathe trinity in texas.

riv15the red river in shreveport.

riv16the loire (again) in tours.

riv17the nameless stream in the alpes-maritimes.

riv18the douro in porto.

riv21the rhine in basel.

riv22 the neckar in heidelberg.

riv23the saint lawrence in quebec.

riv01the niger in mali.

riv02here is realization number one: rivers connect the mountains to the sea.

so while you were playing your mountain vs. ocean game last year, it’s only a few days ago that you realized you overlooked perhaps the most important (and obvious) part.

the question of mountain vs. ocean, the question of staying vs. leaving, the question of sleeping vs. dancing – it was the wrong question. because these two things you thought were opposites are in fact connected.

by rivers. there’s not a mountain that isn’t linked somehow to the sea by a river.

the second realization – the one where suddenly everything made sense - a trip to the niger river is needed first before it can be explained in this journal.

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hello sorry for my english ;-)
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