06 March 2012

the dancer with the message

Back Camerayou came into the capital to a surprise in your mailbox. a ballerina who danced from london to bamako with a message on a postcard. all week we have been plotting to come see you. so watch out! is the note she delivers from your favorite londoner and new yorker.

your heart does a little dance. because you know your friends don’t joke around when it comes to dancing across countries. 

fruit02you’ve taken a small break from the faces project. instead you’ve been looking up at all the trees hovering above you.

fruit01each time you look up, there new fruits growing and waiting to be discovered. they’re small now and far from ripe. you don’t know their names or their tastes – but soon enough, these new flavors are going to meet your taste buds.

fruit03there is, however, one fruit that you do recognize. it’s the one that makes you the most eager. the mango. the silver lining to hot season.

sɔɔni. soon.


Kelly Rae said...

yum! Mangos. Can't wait til you rip into one.

frances said...

Anonymous said...

Cathy its Victor Bui. I know youre out of the country and I wish you had facebook at least. Please contact me or Eileen. Its very important.