03 May 2012

accra, ghana

palm04peace corps wanted you to think about your future in ghana.

palm13yeah right.

palm01you appreciate it – you really do.

palm12peace corps does in fact take very good care of you.

palm02but how could you even think about the future when mali was just a few days ago? when you were still on the same continent.

palm09any thought that was not related to mali felt like betrayal.

palm10not enough time had passed.

palm03you knew no decision made here, regardless of the soothing surroundings, would feel right. or be right.

parisexcept for one decision: to book a ticket to france.

fog01and here, now, today, from the inside of this box that many call an apartment, with a 12th floor view of paris,

parisgris …you are finally fretting and worrying and planning and reflecting and thinking and working and searching and moving forward.

palm05in ghana you did none of that. maybe you should have. lots of others did. you ignored transfer offers. you didn’t sign up for reenrollment consultations. you weren’t ready to think about the next part.

rox01instead you hung out with your coping mechanisms.

rox02your yala yala buddies.

as well as two extra friends: roxanne and don simon.

palm06oh, don’t misunderstand, you attended sessions. physically. you listened and took notes. but mentally you were somewhere else. emotionally you were absent. perhaps the only place where you were completely present was the ocean.

palm07all you wanted to do,

palm08and all you could do,

palm11was just stand in front of a never ending gray.  


Kelly Rae said...

goodluck lady <3 keep me posted about what your plans are.

cathy said...

of course xx love you lots KRE