14 May 2012

layover in london

tlondonlayover01before you know it, you’re back in europe.

you hadn’t planned on coming back for two years.

but here you are in london for twelve hours before you hop over to france.

tlondonlayover02it helps, it helps so much, to see a face you adore.

tlondonlayover05she whisks you away from the airport and takes you to an english garden.

tlondonlayover03you’re cold, so cold. you’ve arrived with only two t-shirts. no socks, no scarves.

tbogofor sentimental reasons, you also have half of your bogolon outfit. half because both parts took up too much space, and half because you couldn’t bear to part with the memories.

it also happens to be the warmest thing you have.

the londoner laughs, “cathy, you can get away with that in london – you’ll be avant garde here– but in france, especially in paris, there is no way you can get away with such colors. even my turquoise coat was too much for the french."

tknitso she lends you something gray. something knitted. something that won’t shock the french.

and you haven’t gone a day without it.

tlondonlayover06she also feeds you. chocolate cake. vegetable lasagna. tea with milk.

food! after friends, that is perhaps the second thing that will make transitioning easier.

tlondonlayover04you both are motivated to explore the garden and the house.  

tlondonlayover07but in the end, with the cold rain, you end up falling asleep in her car.

then she drops you off at the airport. the next time you see each other, it will hopefully be back in a place where you both met: evreux.

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