24 May 2012


ttoday06 you’ve started missing something.

two things.

making photos of daily moments and writing about those daily moments that same day.

last year in france you got into the habit of being too busy. then in mali it just wasn’t possible when internet and electricity was an eight kilometer bike ride and a one hour bus ride away.

but today you decided you would photograph and write without a lag. which is why, right now at 11:31 PM, you refuse to go to bed just yet.

your day began with chocolate cake that you made the night before for breakfast.

ttoday01you went to unesco for a conference on joseph ki-zerbo.

ttoday02you discovered a spot of green near where you live.

ttoday03you said hello to summer.

pondyou watched the sun’s reflection in a fountain.

ttoday04you sliced onions, tomatoes, garlic, and mozzerella cheese.

you rolled out your favorite crust and poked holes all over it.

you mixed eggs, cream, milk, mustard, and herbs together.

ttoday05all so you could make a quiche.

and right now, you really need sleep.

other things happened, but not with a camera around. plus you’re tired.

so to leave you with a bambara blessing:

ala ka su here caya!

(may god increase the peace of your night)


donna said...

love both of these posts....and as one who has lived 6 decades now, all i can say is that stability is only found in the moment.....from moment to moment.......we can wake up on any given day and have no idea of what situation we may find ourselves in, the next day......so it is absolutely essential to have inner stability....that's what will take you on through life.........

Kelly Rae said...

I thought you were going to say "I've been missing two things: Brownies and Brownies" :-) Hope you are enjoying your time in France <3

priscilav said...

Your food just made so hungry!!! Looks TASTY!!! Glad to see you had some uhm Cathy homemade brownies...