28 June 2012

the beginning of goodbye

tmilk01your last days in paris have been up and down. thankfully, the ups: picnic in a secret garden, walking along every bridge in paris, eating crepes, playing big sister/tour guide, eating ethiopian food, touring a cemetery, going to an improvisational theater show, a movie at night, volunteering for malian meetings, and printing forms to fill out, all make the down very insignificant.

right now it is time to say goodbye to paris.

goodbye to france.

and, you aren’t sad at all. in fact you’re quite happy.

because there is a huge up. the return to the niger river. but that is a story for later.

tmilk02in any case, the goodbye is starting with fresh milk. because in exactly five minutes you are going to run to gare du nord to the eurostar platforms and you are going to pick up your favorite londoner. just like she whisked you away in heathrow. you are going to finally give her back her sweater. you are going to say hello. with tea and fresh milk.

then goodbye. then hello. then goodbye. etc.

the next hello in this journal, or should you say, howdy, is going to be from texas.

see you soon from sunny DFW!


Kelly Rae said...

I just got your postcard today :-) Arrived the week Josephine was born. I think that is amazing timing. Can't wait to see you before you leave Texas once again.

priscilav said...