06 June 2012

familiar feathers

Back Camerathis morning you were feeling anxious. specifically about your future since in one month you’ll have to say goodbye to yet another country you love again.

but then you ran into some familiar feathers.

like the grèbe à cou noir (podiceps nigricollis)

Back Cameraor a bécasseau variable (calidris alpina alpina)

Back Camerathese two spatule blanches (platalea leucorodia) bring you back to ile de re.

Back Camerayou have fond memories of watching the petit gravelot (charadrius dubius) keeping her young warm.

Back Cameranot to mention watching the sterne pierregarins (sterna hirundo) dive for their dinner.

Back Camerayou remember the four lingering bernache cravants (branta bernicla) that refused to leave ile de re.

Back Camerathere’s no way you’d ever forget the goéland brun (larus graellsii) who was always eating other endangered birds.

Back Cameraand your personal favorite, the avocette elegante (recurvirostra avosetta).

you originally were planning to meet the avocets along the niger river in mali. but you came back to france before you had a chance to go and find them.

perhaps another west african winter.

Back Cameraby the way, you didn’t actually run into these birds. you ran into their photographs.

Back Cameraat the jardin des plantes in paris.

gilles martin, jean-yves piel, alban cordoba, claude nardin, philippe busser & francesco formisano, andré mauxion, yannick bourgaut and jacques gillon are the photographers you have to thank for this little reunion.

Back Camerathe LPO (ligue pour la protection des oiseaux, literally bird protection league) is celebrating its 100 year birthday with an outdoor photo exhibition. you just accidently walked in on it. a very good accident.

it just proves that – when nervous, when anxious – go for a yala yala (walk) because who knows what old friends you’ll run into!

tddaybalc01then tonight ended with what else?

the couch, the balcony, a cup of tea, and you.

tddaybalc02it’s your 9:30 PM show you try to never miss.

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