01 June 2012

far from angry in angers, a stroll in parc de saint-cloud, figs for breakfast and dinner

tparismoments01don’t judge.

this is the result of having nothing left to eat for breakfast.

your eyes wandered to the tart dough just waiting to be used. and to that bag of frozen figs that have been untouched in your freezer. they also doesn’t miss the container of crème fraîche.

into the oven. a cup of tea. breakfast is ready.

that is how your first day of june began.

and you’ve fallen into old habits. specifically, the habit of being too busy.

tangers30so let’s catch up by jumping to last weekend when you went to angers.

to avoid any confusion, you were nowhere near angry. you were actually the opposite: happy. angers just happens to be the name for a french city.

the goal of this trip was not to explore france but to say hello to a good friend.

tangers01after a friendly carpool, it all began with strawberries, parsley, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

red – green – red – green.

these are the colors of spring, not christmas.

tangers02tuna and asparagus.

tangers03the good friend, his girlfriend, and james dean – this is your lunch combo.

tangers28the days are spent munching in apricots and cherry tomatoes and just hanging out in their apartment.

tangers29you love how your closest friendships are the ones where you can spend time doing nothing together.

but one must get fresh air.

cathy, i was thinking we should go to terra botanica,” is what he starts with.

you raise your eyebrow. “what?”

it’s, let’s say, a sort of disneyland végétal,” he replies.

uh huh. and you’ve been already?” you wonder out loud


okay! on y va!” is your response because you’re always up for discovering something new.

tangers06on foot and by tram is how you get there.

tangers05it’s nice to take a break from the city.

tangers07paris is nice. angers is nice. but it is hard to top open fields and building-less blue skies. 

tangers09his description of terra botanica was correct.

tangers13after peddling in a walnut, it is indeed disney with an emphasis on nature.

tangers10you’ve arrived at the perfect moment as everything is in bloom.



tangers18even some artificial fog.

tangers11random activities.


tangers20 water lilies.

tangers23terra botanica is far from real. but it is enjoyable.

tangers27your favorite flowers are found back at the apartment.

tangers25the ones on their balcony.

tangers26and the ones pinned to their wall.

tangers24all of this ends with wasabi peas.

oh, this couple has stories. but not for you to tell. at least not now. perhaps later. you say your goodbyes and head back to paris in yet another carpool.

tparismoments02but you make a little detour before heading back to your apartment.

because you needed to buy a certain book.

all the way in the southwestern suburbs of paris.

tparcstcloud01which, it turns out, to be one of your favorite walks so far.

tparcstcloud02 can this really be paris?

tparcstcloud03and this as well?

tparcstcloud04you begin to doubt if maybe you are in normandy.

tparcstcloud05or the alps.

tparcstcloud06or back at ile de re

tparcstcloud07 in fact, anywhere but paris.

tparcstcloud08ah. that is more like it. yes, it is indeed paris where you are to be found. so that is how you end the month of may.

tparismoments03and today, after a week and a half of not sitting in front of this view due to a somewhat confusing living situation, you are being anti-social on a friday night and trying to catch up on sleep.

tparismoments04you’re so tired that you snack on frozen figs for dinner because you don’t feel like using effort tonight.

but to your delight, they’re kind of like mini popsicles. it’s the perfect summer treat.

now that you’ve caught up with your angers weekend, it’s time to catch up on some sleep.

tsunset here’s another bambara blessing:
ala k’an kelen kelen wuli!

may you please wake up one after another.

because – when people wake up all at the same time together, it’s because there is bad news. an earthquake, a death, an emergency – these are things that people are obliged to wake up for.

but for peaceful days, everyone just gets up at their own pace and leisure.

so one more time:

ala k’an kelen kelen wuli!

bonne nuit!

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Lovely pictures! Wasabi peas are so addictive.