24 June 2012

surprise sunset

tsurprise01you promise that this is exactly what paris looked like today. a wall of gray. socks. four layers of sweaters. two scarves. tights. huddling under an umbrella. jumping over puddles. you don’t have any photographic proof because gray skies just don’t motivate you.

good things happened today, but gloomy skies kept your camera far away.


tsurprise02as you walked downstairs to make some dinner, you saw this.

tsurprise03dinner? hunger? what? no longer important. sunsets have a way of pushing all other priorities out of the way.

tsurprise04you run back up the stairs and say hello to the camera.

tsurprise05then back downstairs as you push open the sliding window door.

tsurprise06it’s still cold. but it doesn’t matter, this surprise sunset more than makes up for it.

tsurprise07it’s perhaps the best way of ending your busiest week yet.

tsurprise08oh, but it’s going to only get busier. without any panicking. you’ve got good news. but first you want to talk to people face to face before you send out emails and write journal entries.


Robbie Ellis said...

Cathy - as I sat here at my desk feeling cold and miserable, trying to find the motivation to write another scentance of an awful document that I have been putting of for weeks....

I turned to your blog for a little bit of respite and the first post I found picked me up in a big giant embrace and reminded me of how beautiful the world is and that it is all out there - just need to look up from time to time.

Thank you my sweetheart!


cathy said...

robbie, miss you + love you! franchef is in town and we will think of you as we eat speculoos ice cream <3

hugs from paris, and hugs from who knows where soon!