20 June 2012

panik panik or don’t panic?

tpanicpanik06the question you ask yourself as you stare at your usual color changing 9:30 PM show is “where will you be in september?”

will you have a job or will you be at your parents?

and that is where the panic kicks in.

tpanicpanik01so then the second question is, do you listen to manu chao and panik panik?

tpanicpanik02or should you listen to coldplay’s advice of don’t panic?

tpanicpanik22you don’t know which is better. all you know is that picnic seems like the best solution for your uncertain future. but we’ll come back to this sunday paris picnic in a moment.

tpanicpanik03 you’ve also been dealing with panic by reading.

tpanicpanik04it’s not an easy read, so you balance it out by watching simple movies. every now and then, it’s nice to do an activity that requires zero thought.

tpanicpanik05a mixed berry tart doesn’t hurt as well. especially when served with vanilla ice cream. 

tpanicpanik08paris has been looking like this lately.

tpanicpanik09or like this.

tpanicpanik07or even, if you’re lucky, like this.

tpanicpanik11but still, this is what you see most of the time.

regardless of the weather, it doesn’t stop you from going outside.

tpanicpanik12and luckily, you’ve got friends of friends who aren’t easily deterred as well.

who, by the way, have now become your friends as well.

tpanicpanik13with a pair of binoculars and a guide from the lpo, it’s off to the chateau de vincennes (vincenne castle) and the bois de vincennes (vincenne forest) to watch and learn about some feathered friends.

here it’s a two month year old faucon crécerelle (common kestrel) who fell and now is trying to climb the castle walls to rejoin his siblings.

unfortunately, nobody is so sure he made it up… but such is nature, such is life, right?

tpanicpanik14there’s an extra who decided to tag along. rain. lots of it. so the camera comes out only under some shelter.

tpanicpanik15as 22h00 nears, you marvel at the sky colors… what beautiful colors the sun brings at dusk, even if it’s raining…! only to realize that in fact, no, these are in fact are city lights. the forest is right next to paris, and you realize, what a pity for the animals since they’ll never know true darkness.

tpanicpanik16then a few days later, the rain and the sun decide to swap places. and suddenly it’s summer.

tpanicpanik17of course the sun comes out the day that you have to climb up six flights of stairs.

tpanicpanik18at the very top of this building is where another friend lives.

tpanicpanik19but cathy! i look awful right now! give me a few minutes.

fair enough. so instead you let you eyes roam around her apartment.

and how touched you are, to see a letter you wrote from mali sitting on her bookshelf.

tpanicpanik20ah, there she is! cherries are washed for a picnic.

tpanicpanik21a scarf is put on, because, au cas où, the cold just might come back. 

tpanicpanik22and that’s how you find yourself at parc de belleville for this little picnic. hot hot hot is all you can remember from that day.

tpanicpanik23then, back to the apartment.

tpanicpanik24for what else? a summer sunset.

ttartine01but that was all last weekend, a few days ago, and yesterday. let’s jump back to today. more specifically, right now.

11h24 on a sunny but hazy tuesday in june.

ttartine02you’ve made some tartines. because you’ve got a a lunch date with a friend here.

ttartine04a salad is waiting as well.

ttartine03strawberry – brie – prosciutto – olive oil - baguette.

apple – roquefort – prosciutto – olive oil – baguette.

maybe a few drops of honey, who knows, you haven’t decided yet.

all that needs to happen is for the doorbell to ring, then these tartines will be toasted in the oven for a few minutes, then it is à table and finally bon appétit.

so in fact, you’re finding that friends and food is what keeps you from panicking about the future.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Lovely clicks! Relax... ;-)



Kelly Rae said...

This is the first thing I thought of as I read your post:

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Sean Cochrane said...

I love your blog! Hope you have a safe trip back :)