11 June 2012

yala yala: une promenade au mali (expo photo à paris)

Yala Yala Expo Affichemaybe this thursday the fourteenth around 8 pm i’ll see you in paris?

this little photo exhibition has been keeping me busy, moving, advancing for the past few weeks.

and it’s finally up. at la maison de l’afrique.

a story, maybe even more than one, all related to this little exhibition, to come later.

if you happen to be in paris and would like to take a stroll through mali, then 7, rue du carmes in paris’ 5th arrondissement is where a bit of mali can be found until july 11th.

and i, cathy/djeneba, will be there this thursday and happy to see any new faces.

si par hasard il y a des français qui lisent mon blog, voila l’invitation en français pour vous aussi, car c’est très rare que j’ecris en français ici. mais je serais ravie de vous voir si vous avez envie de sortir un peu ce jeudi soir dans paris 5eme.


Kelly Rae said...

ooo I'm so glad you are showing these-they are very exquisite. Wish I could come! <3

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That is awesome! Congrats.