15 July 2012

moving out of the paris apartment, a music festival in évreux, splitting paths

tfinp01after having bought that important bottle of fresh milk, you scurried off to gare du nord to the eurostar platform to pick up your favorite londoner. and then whisk her home for a lunch à la bonne franquette. a meal completely unprepared, but improvised by whatever is in your fridge.

you’re happy because what is better than having a meal on your balcony is having a meal on your balcony with a friend.

tfinp02the camera is passed from the square window and the photo is reversed.

tfinp03since you are moving out, you haven’t properly stocked your fridge.

but there is leftover pâte sucrée.

also a handful of cherries.

into the oven at 180C.

then you notice some liquid cream – but unfortunately, no whisk to make it a crème chantilly. regardless, some sugar is stirred in, then it’s poured over the baked cherries.

cherry pits are all that remain.

tfinp04also a packet of biscuits roses de reims are in the cupboard – that charlotte à la fraise that was planned but never got made – oh well, no point of saving it for that pink cake now, might as well dip them in tea and milk.

both of you are meeting up with friends later in évreux for a music festival.

cathy! guess what i bought for everybody for the festival!? she says with excitement.

you can’t even begin to guess. but there’s no need to, as she is up and rummaging through her bag.

tfinp05les lunettes du soleil! sunglasses! she exclaims with pure glee.

tfinp06it’s time to head out for your last night out in paris.

but before that, you force her to be your model with a pair of the sunglasses and quite possibly the most amazing backpack you’ve ever seen.

tfinp07she tones it down for paris.

tfinp08you swing by the maison de l’afrique to visit your little photo exhibition.

tfinp09then it’s outside for some fresh air.

tfinp10a little break on the steps of the pantheon.

tfinp11then the italian says that line you love to hear so much: on mange chez moi? let’s eat at my place?

ouiiiiiiiiiiiii! is the only correct answer in this case.

tfinp13mushrooms, pasta, cream, salad – that is the dinner menu.

tfinp14stirring, laughing, slicing, talking, boiling, giggling, draining, gossiping – all these gerunds go so well together.

then the camera is put away as you all head out to some nearby bars to watch a eurocup match.

tfinp16the next day, you and the londoner wake up to your last morning in paris.

tfinp15one last breakfast on the balcony. 

tfinp17one last stroll in your neighborhood.

tfinp18you discover a hidden garden.

but what, do you think, is better than a hidden patch of green in paris?

tfinp19a burst of english orange in hidden greens in paris grays.

tfinp20you discover a wall that screams, “make a photo of me! take out your camera please!

tfinp21how can you resist?

tfinp22what’s the complementary color of orange?

tfinp23blue. with the self-timer turned on, silliness takes over.

tfinp24one last coffee and hot chocolate at your favorite neighborhood cafe before you say goodbye to the 20th arrondissement.

tfinp25then it is direction évreux.

tfinp26apéro begins. you note the growth of the avocado plant by your former roommate.

tfinp27he hasn’t changed much.

tfinp28this is the ambiance you love most. miss most. crave most.


then it’s concert time.

the camera is put away – yours at least, since music festivals are not the best place for big cameras. but also since you want to dance, not make photos.

RDTSEhowever, you do want to show one photo made by a friend: it’s when you all brought in a homemade cake and sat in a circle and ate it after singing happy birthday to your favorite tom-de-terre. 

so now let’s fast forward to the end of the weekend once the festival was over.

tfinp30it begins with waking up at noon. and realizing the boulangerie is open for one more hour. so while the others still sleep, you and the londoner tiptoe out to buy the petit-dejeuner.

tfinp31you + the londoner = a bad combination. this always happens.

tfinp32you check in on the other apartment. your former roommate still hasn’t changed much…

tfinp33hours roll by.

tfinp34it’s a lazy sunday afternoon. silliness spills out onto the streets.

tfinp35hunger starts building up for those who had breakfast before noon.

in france, in évreux, on a sunday afternoon, there is only one thing open.


tfinp38it’s the ambiance that really counts, anyway.

tfinp39then a goodbye. to the river iton. to évreux. to your friends.

tfinp40you won’t see them for at least another year.

tfinp41and now it is direction paris.

tfinp42a goodbye to the normandy countryside you love so much.

tfinp43finally, on metro ligne 4, at strasbourg saint-denis, you and the londoner split. she goes direction porte de clignancourt to catch a train at gare du nord, and you go direction porte d'orléans to catch a train at gare montparnasse.

opposite platforms, opposite directions, but this doesn’t mean your paths won’t cross again.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun.... Splitting paths is always the hardest thing.



Narumi said...

I love reading your aventures ! Where is the hidden garden in Paris ? it looks amazing !

cathy said...

56 saint blaise for the garden: http://www.jardinons-ensemble.org/spip.php?article236

and for the wall that calls for the camera: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cimeti%C3%A8re_de_Charonne

happy exploring in the 20eme!

donna said...

have yet to find another blog that documents in word and picture as yours does......i just get lost in the pictures of whatever adventure you are on at the moment...that's what keep me coming back

cathy said...

thank you! i always enjoy your comments :)