28 August 2012

catching up in houston

thouston01you make your obligatory houston stop. austin is skipped this year because every one you know has moved. houston is where the jobs are, so houston is where your friends are.

thouston15houston is also where mark sleeps. but one cannot spend her entire time being sad.

thouston23it helps to see mark’s bestie. and mark’s brother.  you all laugh about funnier times.

thouston02this visit is the most special yet. you finally catch up with two of your closest friends.

thouston03oh, not like you do every year where you talk about school and jobs and travels and updates like that.

thouston04a catch up that is much more important.

thouston05a catch up to 2012 because this friendship, for some odd reason, has remained stuck in 2001 or some other ancient dinosaur era year.

thouston22that’s right, you guys have finally left high school and junior high – it only took seven years to do it.

thouston24it feels good to finally be on the same page and in the same year. we were always a bit slower than the rest.

you always loved this friendship. but now you love it even more.

thouston25but then its time to wake up early and drive four hours north back to dallas.

a few days rest – then back into the skies.

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Kelly Rae said...

Love the Instax mini photos :) <3