06 September 2012

junjian rock trail / 軍艦岩親山步道 / jun1 jian4 yan2 qin1 shan1 bu4 dao4

trock01oooh, it’s been a long time since you’ve typed in chinese.

also a long time since you have written a post on time.

and a long time since you’ve been on a rock.

trock02no need to leave the city – taipei has some afternoon hikes you are just now learning about.

expat blogs are the best sources for discovering sides of taiwan that guidebooks don’t cover. it helps, you admit, that they write in english and not chinese.

trock03you’ve not a lot of motivation for day trips for this year’s visit to taiwan because, in no particular order, 1) exploring taiwan with the londoner and the french boys last year was just too much fun 2) you like to hang out with your grandma 3) you’ve found your mother’s 30 year old sewing machine and 4) once you leave taiwan you will be back on another flight before you recover from your jetlag.

so you give yourself lots of mandatory down time.

trock04but afternoon hikes are perfect.

trock05you can have lunch with your family, spend a few hours escaping the crowded and busy city, and be back at home for another family dinner.

trock06would you really believe this place is accessibly by metro? taipei really does have something for everyone – no car necessary.

trock07as you near the top of this quick hike, you spot the tip of the rock.

trock08and there you are. all this time you thought taipei 101 was the place to go for a view – how wrong you were. you make a mental note to bring future friends up here as well.

trock09time to head down.

trock10there are actually various paths to choose from for the descent… you picked the first one you saw. with sandbags? also many breathless joggers running up this one.

trock11in the end it ends here. and then into a residential neighborhood. far from a metro station.  you are lost. but in taipei, it doesn’t matter – the taiwanese are always so friendly and helpful at getting you to where you want to go.

the chinese formula is:

請問,    (place)     在哪裏?

qing3 wen4,    (place)   zai4 na3 li3?

may I ask, where is     (place)     ?

with this, you’ll always find what you’re looking for!

trock12on your way back you pass by a hospital. with birds having an early dinner and a cat hoping (and on the hunt) for some early dinner as well.

lao ren cha
the daily bubble tea

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Kelly Rae said...

I was hoping for a blogpost from you today :) I love the last picture so much with the kitty. supercute!