24 September 2012

ouidah, benin, west africa

Back Cameraparadise, you think to yourself.

Back Camerayes, yes it is.

Back Camerabut not because there’s an ocean.

Back Cameraor because there are lagoons.

Back Cameraits paradise because it’s west africa.

the coup pushed you out of mali but art has brought you to benin.

for the next twelve months, this is your old/new home.


priscilav said...

Looks SO beautiful!!!!!! :) My favorite is still the marker pic :) Brings me back to Ms. Richie's day's and Masa bear. I hope you remember what that is. If not next time I go home, I'm gonna have to dig through the garage to take a pic and send!

Sean Cochrane said...

So excited to see what you post in the coming months!

Cécilafait said...

bon séjour au Bénin avec oui plus de tranquillité qu'au Mali...
Cécile, Denis