07 September 2012

the attempt

tattempt01today you had it all. backpack, good shoes, hiking guide, camera, water, umbrella, and cell phone.

you heard the thunder, you saw the cloudy skies, but you thought none of that would affect you and your afternoon hike.

tattempt02but once you arrived at your stop and saw the rain, you realized… nope, a walk on a steep slippery hill won’t do.

so you did what any normal person would do.

tattempt03eat a big bowl of  豆花 (dòu huā), a sweet taiwanese dessert centered around tofu pudding. with crushed ice, tapioca pearls, and a ginger syrup covering it all.

a mountain of dessert is an okay replacement for a real mountain in your book.

tattempt04the other thing you do to escape the rain is to go fabric shopping.

such are the alternatives to an afternoon hike.

1 comment:

Kelly Rae said...

dòu huā looks delicious! I want some