07 October 2012

ganvié, benin

Back Cameraif its one thing you really dislike doing in west africa, its touristy things. nothing is ever clear. in the eyes of many you’re only a big pocketbook.

and somehow you got talked into visiting ganvié, a village on a lake.

Back Camerawhile you don’t regret it, doing touristy things your first few weeks here was not in your plan at all. or in your desires. and is most definitely out for a few more months.

what makes you happier is being on a bike in the middle of rural nowhere where there are zero expectations. that is your idea of a fun trip.

Back Cameraas you said – no regrets. how can one regret being on a pirogue on a lake in west africa? that would just be silly.

Back Cameraunlike venice in italy which is walkable, ganvié has no streets or bridges. everybody moves with a boat. houses are built on wooden stilts with doors and windows that open to water. a place where one swims better than one walks.

Back Camerathe village was originally founded by people fleeing slave capturers. here on water they found immunity from those trying to kidnap them.

Back Cameratoday people come to avoid the noises of cotonou. after all, motorcycles and cars don’t work very well on lakes.

Back Camerathen once your pirogue returns to land, its back to the normal rhythm of city life.

ouidah, you promise, will make plenty of appearances here soon.

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