01 November 2012

hamburger halloween

thall01the road outside your house. the halloween party wasn’t held here – this is just where you stood while waiting to be picked p.

thall02the turkeys are safe for now as it is halloween and not thanksgiving.

thall03the dogs, however, are on alert.

thall04they’re staying close by. waiting. hoping.

hall04bthey know what is coming soon from the grill to the table.

thall05hamburgers! a rarity in ouidah, but what better excuse of eating them than halloween? after all, both do start with the letter “h.”

thall06as one can tell, it was really a craving for hamburgers rather than the need to celebrate halloween to sparked this dinner.

thall07and your job? pumpkin pie, of course. and this is where you tried a substitution since heavy cream can’t be found in ouidah. a can of evaporated milk, you discovered, worked just fine. and nobody could tell that the cream was replaced.

so when in west africa and heavy cream is nowhere near – use unsweetened evaporated milk.

pumpkin pie adapted from foodbeam

1 blind baked pie crust

500g pumpkin puree

3 eggs

70g sugar

170g unsweetened evaporated milk

1 tbsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla extract

To make the pumpkin puree, chop and boil the pumpkin, then mash. Add the rest of the ingredients, then pour into the pie crust. Bake until set.

(the reason why there are no oven temperatures or length of time for baking is because when one uses a gas oven with no thermometer, constant monitoring is the only way to go.)


Kelly Rae said...

oh my those doggies are super cute! And you almost made me want to eat a hamburger. haha almost...

priscilav said...

So where's your costume???

reineke said...

Hello Cathy. How are those languages coming along?

cathy said...

reineke: i learned bambara last year, and now its fon. However I much prefer bambara and am not making lots of progress in fon. But the French, it is much better now :)