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08 January 2011

leaving lyon

lyon34 last day in lyon. third time in lyon. so the centre-ville doesn’t really appeal to you anymore.

lyon35 so here you are. doing what you do best: killing time.

you’re waiting for the tram. and then a bus transfer. and then another transfer.

lyon36 you wander to a river with a sky that can’t make up it’s mind.

lyon37and you find yourself in one of your favorite favorite favorite places.

a marché aux puces.

flea market.

the hunt is on.

lyon38treasures are found. your haggling skills increase a bit. and you head back freshly inspired because of all the things you see.

lyon39lunch in three easy steps. one. honey + mustard inside a fish.

lyon40two. lightly fry in oil.

lyon41three. bon appétit!

lyon42soup. from veggies grown in a grandmother’s garden in the south.

lyon43the token clementines.

lyon44and no french meal is ever complete without the frenchie who brings out every imaginable sort of yogurt, applesauce, and pudding for you to choose from.

lyon45and you leave lyon. but before you do, you drop off your letter to père noël.

and with that, you start getting serious about christmas holiday plans.

06 January 2011

lyon day lyon night

lyon23let’s rewind a few weekends back. to a saturday in lyon.

you wake up at noon.

and in france that means it’s time for apéro.

you can’t say no. so, with no food in your stomach for the last 15 hours, you have a kir.


nothing better than starting the day buzzed, right?

lyon22you are assigned a job.

spread some pâté onto some bread.

lyon21but your biggest pleasure is observing someone who knows what they’re doing. it could be a potter at the wheel. a dancer on a stage. a fisherman reeling in a fish. someone who can wrap presents.

there’s a certain rhythm that those people have. a swiftness that comes only because they’ve practiced. they’ve made mistakes long ago. and at this point, it’s all intuition with no hestiation. they never miss a beat.

and you’re lucky enough be watching one such skilled person cook.

as the french like to say, tac tac tac, c’est fini!

before you know it, your friend has finished making her cakes and is off to to the next thing.

lyon25which would be quenelles. a poached dumpling of sort made with fish, usually brochet, or in english, pike. don’t miss it if you ever find yourself in lyon – it’s their specialty.

lyon26afterwards, you write letters to santa. or in french, père noël. in france, you can mail a letter to him, and even if you don’t put a stamp, it will magically get to him and he will mail you a response.

lyon27clementines. your favorite winter staple.

lyon28another walk in a park. the same park. but this time, at night.

lyon29and it’s slightly different from the daytime version.

lyon31because at night, la fête des lumières is on.

lyon33gone are the greens and browns and blues of the day. instead the reds and oranges and yellows change the atmosphere completely.

lyon32night and day. every city has two personalities, and lyon is no exception.

lyon30and with that last late night walk, le fête des lumières is finished.

but not lyon. you’ve got one more day.

16 December 2010

little things

tart01sometimes, it’s the little things that you discover that makes a big difference. for example, lining a tart pan.

after lining a tart pan with the dough, i like to lay a sheet of baking paper on top.

tart02and then i grab a bottle of balsamic vinegar and roll it right over the paper. a bottle of cidre or wine will also work.

tart03then i peel away the paper. and the excess dough falls right off.

simple, no?

tart04and when i make a quiche, it is always a ratio of 1 egg to 100ml of cream. but then one day i decided to add a bit of leftover tomato coulis that was sitting in the fridge.

tart05and combined with leftover leeks and ham, a very orange quiche was born. and eaten.

i love quiches because rarely is planning involved. if it is edible and you can fit it in a tart pan, it is game.

and normally always delicious.

tart06fromage blanc +vanilla + sugar + clementines + whortleberries = dessert.

08 December 2010

two different days, two different walks, two different snows

Back Cameraon my walk back from work today, i kept stopping. and pulling out my cell phone to make photos. people would stare at me. but i didn’t care.

Back Camerabecause i was seeing clementine peels everywhere!

Back Camerasomebody, probably a french boy, had eaten a clementine and decided to use the sidewalks as a poubelle.

Back Cameranormally i don’t approve of littering. but for clementines in december, i will make a rare exception.


i had lunch.

and an hour later, i went out for another walk to run some errands.

Back Cameraand this time, i cuffed my jeans because i was walking on a white blanket. round two of a snowy evreux had just begun.

snowagain07and instead of clementines, i saw outlines of leaves.

snowagain11i wasn’t the only one happily playing in the snow – so was the l’aise breizh, the cute little mascot of brittany that you’ll see on any car from la bretagne. guaranteed.

snowagain08in france (please don’t correct me if i am wrong because the deed is done) people who are moving out will just leave things they don’t want out on the sidewalk.

snowagain09and it is game for the taking before the garbage men take it away.

curiosity got the best of me. i peeked into the box.

then i looked left. looked right. swallowed my pride.

quickly ran up four flights of stairs to my apartment.

locked the door. and…

snowagain10welcomed the baby ceramic tart molds into their new home! my home. they will be filled with all sorts of yummy things. oh, i can’t wait!

now let’s go back in time to friday when the first snow was just leaving.

nwalk01and this time, i was walking to a bar. with friends.

nwalk02i ordered a chaude boisson. it’s hot, all right. but the cognac in it also makes it strong.

of course, a clementine also makes an appearance.

i told you so – they magically appear when you least expect them.

nwalk03and i ended the night with a walk back to my apartment.

i really do treasure these small moments evreux always gives me.

01 December 2010

favorite winter combination

decfirstsnow01november is over. today is december. and with it comes the snow.

decfirstsnow02falling snow never loses its magic. especially to someone from texas.

decfirstsnow05you panic a bit because now that it is december and no longer november, christmas is officially near and you’ve no idea where you’ll spend it or with whom. but you’re sure that just like last year, it will work itself out before the 25th.

decfirstsnow03so you focus instead on your favorite winter combinations. they swirl around in your head, just like the snowflakes outside.

decfirstsnow04cinnamon and chocolate.

red and green.

a warm blanket and your bed.

earmuffs and mittens.

hot tea and milk.

spiced nuts and maple syrup.

peppermint and white chocolate.

clem01 but your favorite?

clem02clementines and french boys.

that’s right.

if you see a french boy in the winter months, reach into the pocket of his jacket.

because you’re guaranteed 90% of the time to find a couple of clementines.

it’s a phenomenon you discovered last year.

you’d talk to one. and out of nowhere, he would begin peeling a clementine.

you’d run into one in the hallway. and as you did the bise, his hands would suddenly be holding clementines.

even the ones you don’t know.

on the metro. they will be texting or reading. you turn your head. and when you glance at them again, they’re snacking on a clementine.

or even on the bus. they’ll be staring out of the window. and five seconds later you notice that they’re expertly peeling a clementine.

french boys have a magical ability to pull out clementines from out of thin air at the most random moments.

clem03they (well, the non-strangers) always offer them to you. you rarely decline. how can you? clementines taste so good.

clem04and if you ever meet me, feel free to dig in my pockets. because i’ve copied french boys and always have a few on me as well. until the season is over, at least.

decfirstsnow06enjoy the snow + your favorite things about winter!